Yumi Cox (Romance Author)

Yumi Cox is a young indie author on the rise.

Yumi Cox is a young writer on the rise from the beautiful city of Newcastle, Australia via Kyoto, Japan.
Growing up amongst the rich culture of Japan, Yumi was able to explore her imagination through comic books, short stories and classic novels.
Moving to Australia at age thirteen, she experienced passion, love and sex for the first time, which she channels into her writing.
Yumi spends her time equally between the traditional and reserved Japan and the youthful and vibrant Australia.
Yumi chose to become a writer of erotic romance in order to embrace the duality of her life.
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A Sample Of My Books

Here's a few of my recent stories. The full list is on the Books page of this website. Click on the links to purchase them via Amazon.

The Apprentice

What would you do if you got offered a job that paid ten times your current salary? Are there lines you wouldn’t cross?

Shane Gold has just secured his first job, as Apprentice Electrician for Sparks Electrical. Short, skinny and naive, he wonders how he secured the job ahead of more physically capable candidates. But while Shane loves his job and working for his hot young boss Brian, his $150 per week salary is going to be challenging to live on.

Shane’s first job is a full re-wiring of Bella’s Bordello, a brothel owned by Madam X and renowned for its Virgin Conversion Therapy. He can’t believe he gets paid to spend two weeks at a brothel, learning the ropes, getting coffees and hanging out with the sexy staff.

And his favourite staff member is Natasha, the most popular gurl at Bella’s. She has everything he wants in a girl and then some. Things heat up when Shane discovers how Madam X keeps her costs under control. How will Shane spend his four hours VIP credit and will he finally pop his cherry?

If you like transgender romance stories where the hero and heroine come together, then you’ll love ‘The Apprentice’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

How will Shane spend his VIP credits and why will it change his life, and relationships with Natasha and Brian, forever?

The New Intern

Would you take a chance on romance with someone you manage, or would you let workplace policy get in the way of real love?

Hugh Roberts is young, attractive and his star is on the rise. At twenty-four he runs the design office of an up and coming London advertising agency. He knows teamwork is the key to success in his fast-paced pressure-cooker world. And his new apartment in London’s upmarket Kensington, depends on Hugh making every post a winner.

But Hugh’s team harmony is challenged like never before when two new recruits get placed into his team. Graduate Thad Russell is an ambitious ex-Football star from the New York office. He is also the Founder’s nephew. Intern Noelle Stuart is a sun-bronzed creative whiz from Australia with all the skills. She is also breathtakingly beautiful.

Things go ‘right off the rails’ when Thad’s sexual advances towards Noelle are unwelcome, causing team dynamics to explode and threaten the biggest project of Hugh’s career. But in managing the fallout, Hugh’s blossoming feelings for Noelle become obvious to all, including her, and so does her mutual attraction.

If you like transgender romance stories with an equal dose of conflict and romance, then you’ll love ‘The New Intern’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Hugh take his one chance for real love, or will Thad and that ‘you’re her boss thing’ ensure it never happens?

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Shelter from the Storm

Ever ducked into a bar to escape a downpour in an unfamiliar part of town?

Dawson Jones is a business rescue expert who works 16-hour days Monday to Friday and 12-hour days on weekends. His jet setting lifestyle affords him tailor-made suits, fine dining and more platinum frequent flyer miles than he could possibly use. But this lifestyle makes dating impossible.

After the management team in the UK office leave to start a rival firm, Dawson is sent to save the office. He must work additional hours while recruiting a new team to rebuild the faith with clients. On his way home one Friday night he ducks into a bar to escape another London downpour where he meets his dream girl.

Michelle Handley is one of London’s top fashion designers. Starting out as a model, Michelle drips elegance and style. From the moment Dawson sees Michelle, he knows his life will never be the same. There's something special about Michelle that makes Dawson want to find time for a relationship.

If you like your transgender romance stories with equal doses of seduction and heart, then you’ll love the ‘Best on Board’ prequel novella ‘Shelter from the Storm’ by indie author Yumi Cox.

Will seeking shelter from a London storm change Dawson's view of life and love forever?

Yumi Cox (Romance Author)

Author Photo by Arthur Yao