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That's gorgeous girls packing something a little extra. These tales of gender-bending lust throw curious men and women into situations beyond their wildest sexual expectations.

The Breakdown

A Transgender Romance

Have you ever felt like being the responsible one is holding you back? What would happen if you just went with the flow?

Caleb Glover is living the dream. Songwriter and guitarist of indie-band Plastic Hippos, he tours up and down the USA with two of his best mates. Childhood friend Billy, a bassist and gifted sound engineer, and Dave, a talented drummer, make wonderful bandmates, both on stage and between gigs. Each has their quirks, but Caleb wouldn’t swap them for the world.

Prudence, Dave’s sister and lead singer of Plastic Hippos, is quite another thing altogether. As lyricist and front woman, Caleb can only admire what she brings to the band. But the off-stage cost is heavy. And it’s wearing Caleb down. Not only is she relentless in her pursuit of Caleb romantically, but she’s needy, and keeps him on a very short leash. Not helpful for Caleb’s love life, nor the creative evolution of the band.

So, when Billy drives the band through a severe storm into a tiny southern town, just to buy a new t-shirt, things start to unravel. Of all the places to breakdown, a town in the bible belt with seven churches and next to no accommodation, doesn’t seem like a great fit for a stranded van full of overly excitable indie musicians. Especially when the only place in town to eat, the local diner, looks like a scene from a fifties movie.

If you like romance stories with intrigue and heart, where ‘Almost Famous’ meets ‘The Crying Game’, then you’ll love “THE BREAKDOWN’. The latest story from indie-author, Yumi Cox.

Will Caleb successfully control his band mates’ antics, while repelling unwanted advances, or will a breakdown in a small town break the band, forever?


The Superhost On Tour

A Transgender Romance

Do you believe that a holiday romance can truly mend a broken heart? Change your outlook forever?

Aiden Young travelled halfway across the world to mend a broken heart. Leaving Australia with low expectations, Portofino in Italy seemed like the perfect place to lick wounds and, hopefully, rediscover passion. And after five weeks, it has exceeded all expectations. Absolutely blown out of the water, Aiden re-discovered more than just love, Aiden discovered a version of life that never seemed possible. One almost too good to be true. And with little time before returning home, Aiden is making every second count.

So, when hunky Superhost, Jason Vito, proposes a trip to celebrate their last weekend together in Italy, how can Aiden say no? After all, Jason seems to know Aiden better than anyone. Including Aiden. Seemingly always one step ahead, Jason’s support, guidance and direction has enabled Aiden to explore options that never seemed possible. And become a completely new person, with confidence and optimism, something that Aiden is eternally grateful for.

But when Aiden accepts Jason’s invite for a romantic weekend away, little did anyone expect it would become a series of challenges for both of them. Returning to Jason’s past brings up unexpected baggage. The sort that could derail the weekend entirely. Putting at risk everything that Aiden has become, and all plans for building a new life. And since Aiden has tasted the good life, nothing else will suffice.

If you like coming of age romances like ‘Sixteen Candles’ or ‘Grease’, then you’ll love ‘THE SUPERHOST ON TOUR’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Aiden successfully navigate the challenges a new life brings, or will a holiday romance return Aiden home broken-hearted and alone?


Five First Dates

A Transgender Romance

Would you trust someone else to find the love of your life? What if that someone was a computer?

Tom Prince is a successful scientist, who is still living in his hometown of Kansas City. It’s not because he doesn’t have options. With too many patents to count and a string of life-saving medical breakthroughs under his belt, Tom has enjoyed the riches that come with success. Still, he prefers the quiet life.

But after losing the love of his life three years prior, all Tom does is work, eat, and sleep. Something that his sister Nancy, his one and only personal contact, believes is unhealthy and needs to change. And she isn’t letting it go until Tom moves on once and for all.

So, when Nancy sees an advertisement for SoulMates, a dating service that guarantees a match or your money back, she sees the opportunity to get Tom back on the bike. As a man of science, he can’t argue with ‘five dates to your soul mate or your money back’ promise. And he’ll spend time in five of the most romantic places in the country.

But when the SoulMates process insists Tom keeps his options wide open, he must decide between walking away from one-hundred grand or embracing life well outside his comfort zone.

If you like romances where sparks fly in all directions like Bridget Jones’s Diary or Mamma Mia, then you’ll love FIVE FIRST DATES. The latest story from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Tom embrace the SoulMates process and live life outside his comfort zone, or will he play it safe and lose the chance to meet his soul mate, forever?


The Audition

A Transgender Romance

Have you ever lived your life in the shadow of someone else, too afraid to step into the limelight?

Taylor Moon is a talented musician. And everyone Taylor performs for agrees. It’s just a pity Taylor’s life is in a holding pattern. Twelve months after moving to Hollywood to support the ambitions of the girl of his dreams, Taylor is working three jobs just to pay their rent. All while trying to record a demo that can be shopped to the recording studios. No wonder Taylor’s future suffers. He never gets the time to gig or work on his demo. Such are the demands of his present.

So, when the object of his affections, Holly Wood, arrives home from acting class with a half-baked plan to win a breakthrough acting role, Taylor immediately jumps to her support. As he always has done. And seems destined to always do. After all, that’s why he made the trek to Los Angeles, to help Holly become a star. Even if that means putting his own ambitions aside.

But when Taylor attends an A-List party in Bel Air, as part of Holly’s half-baked plan, he meets billionaire playboy, Bradley Love, and the stars align with an opportunity to propel him into the spotlight. Something Holly immediately dismisses, as it’s not all about her. Taylor must stand up for himself to grab the opportunity. Something he finds near impossible whenever Holly is around.

If you like romances where the ugly duckling becomes the swan, like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” or ‘Clueless’, then you’ll love ‘THE AUDITION’. The latest novel from indie author, Yumi Cox.

Will Taylor be able to stop being selfless long enough to grasp the opportunity for success and a perfect life?


Familiar Face

A Transgender Romance

Is it really possible for people to change? Or are we destined to follow our childhood path blindly into adulthood, and for the rest of our lives?

Lewis Ludwig is returning to his hometown of Staunton, Virginia, for the first time in ten years. Something he promised he’d never do. Since moving to New York City straight out of high school, this ex-football star, heartthrob and all-round bad-boy had worked hard to change his negative outlook on life, and most of his wicked ways. But no-one back in Staunton knows or cares about that.

So, when Lewis steps off the plane to join the wedding party for his best buddy, Gary’s wedding, he instantly feels the wrath for things done a lifetime ago. And no matter where he goes and who he meets, everyone seems to have bad memories of being on the wrong end of Lewis Ludwig’s bad deeds. Especially, the bride and fellow members of the wedding party.

But when Lewis spots Stacy, a fellow wedding party member and visitor to Staunton, he believes his luck may have changed. Stacy, is smart and sexy and, as she’s from out of town, won’t hold his bad boy history against him. Although she looks somewhat familiar, something he puts down to her modelling picture adorning his dorm room wall throughout college.

If you like wedding romances with heart, where people really can surprise you, like ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, then you’ll love ‘FAMILIAR FACE’. The latest story from indie author Yumi Cox.

Can Lewis make a positive first impression on his dream girl Stacy, or will his bad-boy reputation ruin his chances? 


The Superhost

A Transgender Romance

Do you believe that a total stranger could instantly know you better than you know yourself?

Aiden Young is a shy country boy made good since his move to the big city. With his big sister, Sally, he has built a successful multi-million dollar business, while they both maintain solid careers. And all this before he turns thirty. While Sally considers Aiden’s life boring, he has everything going for him, except a viable love life. Having recently split from yet another unfulfilling relationship, Aiden wonders how to change his luck, else he is doomed to stay single, forever.

So, when Sally suggests travel to heal Aiden’s broken heart, he is at first underwhelmed by the idea. But Sally, the manager of a successful debt collection agency, can be quite persuasive when she wants, and rarely takes no for an answer, especially from her little brother. She knows exactly which buttons to push and soon books him on a month-long holiday in the stunning Italian Riviera. At an Airbnb overlooking the picturesque Mediterranean Sea.

But when Aiden arrives in Italy, not everything goes to plan. Jet lagged from a twenty-six-hour flight, and unable to speak a word of Italian, he must rely on his gracious Airbnb Superhost, the man-mountain Jason, to help him navigate a series of challenges. But with challenges comes opportunities. And Aiden soon identifies the opportunity of a lifetime, and one that could change his love life, forever. That is if his insecurities, and the risk of losing his only support, can be overcome.

If you like coming of age romances like ‘Sixteen Candles’ or ‘Grease’, then you’ll love ‘THE SUPERHOST’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Aiden step up and grasp the perfect opportunity to heal his broken heart, or will his insecurities stop him dead in his tracks.


The Friend Zone

A Transgender Romance

How far would you go to protect the love of your life? Would you put your own happiness aside, or risk alienating your family, for love?

Edward Alpine believes that life couldn’t get any sweeter. He’s living in a wonderful studio apartment in downtown Manchester, just minutes from his favourite bars and restaurants, and sharing it all with his soul mate, Luna. And he still gets to catch up with loving parents at his suburban childhood home every Friday night for dinner. Things have never been so perfect.

But when his mother mentions a taboo subject once too often during Friday night dinner, her words cause actions that blow Edward’s world apart. When hot blooded Latino Luna takes offence at the comments, Edward’s life spirals completely out of control, creating an outcome that he never saw coming. 

Edward finds himself in the friend zone, permanently. And not the friends with benefits zone, either. And with Luna determined to find a replacement soul mate, Edward gets dragged along by the friendship leash, to help Luna’s quest to find her alternate dream guy. Somehow, Edwards must convince Luna to fall in love with him all over again, before helping her find his replacement, or risk losing his soul mate forever. 

If you like your romances with equal measures of drama and heart, like ‘The Notebook’, then you’ll love ‘THE FRIEND ZONE’. The latest story from indie author, Yumi Cox.

How will Edward convince Luna that her true soul mate is right in front of her, before she settles for a second-rate replacement?


Little Black Book

A Transgender Romance

Can an unexpected action ever change the course of your life? Is a single action that powerful?

Terry Price is an award-winning New York City journalist working for a niche indie newspaper. He’s been on the verge of breaking out for several years but has never quite nailed it. It appears mainstream success has eluded him. And after a decade of sacrifice, he has been unable to remove his editor’s threat ’you’re only as good as your next story’. Living in a rough neighbourhood, unable to maintain a personal relationship, and at the beck and call of his editor twenty-four-seven, life isn’t what he signed up for. 

After tasting glory and winning a prestigious journalism award, Terry spends an alcohol fuelled night out celebrating with his colleagues. Tipped off that Emma Stone is posing for a Cabaret photoshoot, Terry ends up at NYC’s hottest new club, and walks away with more than he bargained for. A not so little black book filled with the names, and more, of thousands and thousands of women.

So, when his assistant naively pitches a Valentine’s Day story on Terry’s behalf, and his editor gives it the green light, Terry has to put his job on the line to find the owner of the little black book. And write the Valentine’s Day romance story of the century. With tight deadlines, no leads and some less than divine intervention, join Terry as he journeys across three continents in search of true love.

If you like romances where one simple action can change your life forever, like ’Sliding Doors’, then you’ll love LITTLE BLACK BOOK. The latest story from author Yumi Cox. 

Will Terry find the owner of the little black book, and write a love story for the ages, before his Valentine’s Day deadline arrives?


Free Dress Friday

A Transgender Romance

How far would you go to secure the job of your dreams? What lines would you cross? What lines wouldn’t you?

Harrison Tate is a mid-western farm boy looking to launch a stellar legal career with the most prestigious anti-discrimination law firm in the country. Securing one of the rarest and most sought after legal practice internships, Harrison knows he’s only one step away from the graduate role that could pave his future career with gold. After five years of hard work, he must make every post a winner during his ten week stint, or risk losing the opportunity of a lifetime.

From his first day at the firm, and first interactions with his co-workers, Harrison discovers his kryptonite. And there’s no shortage of it. It seems there’s a gorgeous woman around every corner. And most of them fall into his sexy mature woman sweet spot. Harrison finds it impossible to shift his focus from his colleagues and onto the work. And having been nick-name headshot Harry, it seems he may just about have the pick of any girl in the office. He even thinks there’s a bounty been placed on his back.

So, when Harrison gets a reprieve, he jumps at it. Two weeks in a sister office supporting the firm’s top legal eagle, gives Harrison a first-hand view of his future career. And removes him from temptation. Or so he thinks. Because his gorgeous boss, Karen Smith, is more of a handful than an office full of stunners. ‘Don’t sleep with the boss’, was his mentor’s parting words. But that looks increasingly difficult as Karen has him well and truly in her sights. Like a lamb to the slaughter, he finds himself in the hands of a seductress, in what seems like a very faraway land.

If you like transgender romances with more than a touch of drama and intrigue, like ‘The Crying Game’, then you’ll love ‘FREE DRESS FRIDAY’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Harrison be able to navigate his way through deep and treacherous waters, or will one night of pleasure destroy his dreams forever?


The Promise

A Transgender Romance

Have you ever needed a helping hand from a friend who perhaps knows you better than you do?

Griffin Jones is struggling with the transition from high school football hero to college backup quarterback. At the end of his freshman year, he knows it is time to step up and show his coach, and first-string players, that he has what it takes to lead the team to championship glory. The trouble is he’s in the shadow of a superstar quarterback who is almost everything Griffin wants to be. And the incumbent isn’t making it easy for Griffin to showcase his skills. 

But Griffin has an in. He not only knows the head cheerleader, Robin Barrett, but she used to have a major crush on him. Taking Robin Barrett to the New Year’s Eve party would confirm he is the heir apparent to football stardom. Trouble is Robin Barrett’s crush was ten years prior and is currently dating a pro footballer. Still, Robin Barrett is the only girl Griffin has eyes for.

With New Year’s Eve a mere month away, Griffin has heard nothing but no from Robin Barrett for near on ten years. That’s when a simple statement from a friend sets the countdown clock in motion. Griffin has less than twenty days to pull off a major play. A play that will forge his leadership position with the starting team, convince the coach he is starting quarterback material and secure his life-long happiness.

If you like romances full of true love and heart, like ’50 First Dates’, then you’ll love ‘THE PROMISE’, the latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox. 

Will Griffin achieve a desire ten years in the making in just twenty short days, or will he be destined to lead a second-string life?


Woke Up Married

A Transgender Romance

Have you heard a rebound is the best way to recover from a broken heart? But what if you rebound a little too far?

Charles Simpson was a shattered man. Having his heart broken by his long-time girlfriend, Charles’ best mates Russell and Garry insist only a change of scenery could mend his broken heart. His workaholic Silicon Valley lifestyle is not conducive to recovery, and he needs to find a rebound to enable him to move on.

So, Russell and Garry devise the perfect remedy for a broken heart. A four-night trip to Las Vegas, where all the ingredients for his recovery exist, and within a walkable distance for an inebriated Charles. And Charles promises his mates to let his hair down and embrace everything Vegas has to offer. He puts his trust in his wingmen as they plan the ultimate trip, one that would make their younger selves proud.

But when Charles gets separated from his wingmen, no-one imagined Charles would take things to the next level. He embraces all that Las Vegas is famous for and wakes up in bed with a drop-dead gorgeous local girl, Victoria Erikson. She is everything Charles could ever imagine in a partner, and then some. And after just one night with Victoria, Charles’ life will never be the same. He just wishes he could remember any of it.

If you like stories full of fun, mystery and intrigue like ‘The Hangover’, then you’ll love ‘WOKE UP MARRIED’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Charles get a little too excited and over-commit to his rebound, or will his wingmen control his drunken urges?


Double Dare

A Transgender Romance

Ever had a crush on a friend but feared they didn’t feel the same about you? How far would you go to let them know? 

Bronson Landau had a successful career laid out before him. But shit happens, and in Bronson’s case, that means a career-ending injury. So instead of playing quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Bronson finds himself playing Brad Majors in an arts college production of ‘The Rocky Horror Show’.

Now, Bronson is more than comfortable being the centre of attention. Not lacking confidence, he is accustomed to being swooned over by most of the women he meets. But as the leading man in musical theatre, nothing could prepare him for the level of attention he attracts from girls and boys alike. It seems the whole cast competes for private time with Bronson.

So, when Bronson offers his penthouse apartment for a cast party to help build team morale, he gets far more than the team bonding experience he anticipated. And Taylor Frank-n-Furter Thompson stops at nothing to show Bronson how he feels about him. How could a simple game of truth or dare take Bronson down such dark alleys?

If you like titillating stories that will leave you shivering with anticipation, then you’ll love ‘DOUBLE DARE’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Bronson stay strong and keep his fellow cast members in the friendship zone, or will he give himself over to absolute pleasure?



A Transgender Romance Novel

Can a young cyber specialist help catch a violent criminal before the love of his life becomes a victim?

Joe Angel is a young cyber specialist on loan to the state police from an elite federal agency. Just two weeks into a new job in a new city, Joe joins a high profile task force setup to catch a cyber stalker who has recently turned physical. With three victims and fifty more targeted, they need to catch him fast.

But catching the culprit will not be easy. He always appears to be one step ahead of the law and is expert at covering his tracks in both the cyber and real worlds. So confident is he, that he brazenly taunts and teases both victims and law enforcement mercilessly.

But the game changes when the cyber stalker targets Dani Paez, Joe’s budding love interest. When beautiful young college student Dani catches the eye of both Joe and the cyber stalker, a battle for her affection commences. And Joe must lift his game to catch the perpetrator before he loses the girl of his dreams, forever.

If you like transgender romance stories with mystery and intrigue, like “The Crying Game’ then you’ll love ‘BLOCKED’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Joe help catch the cyber stalker while keeping Dani safe, or will he lose his one chance for true love. 


Deep Inside

A Transgender Romance Novel

How far would you go to satisfy your partner’s sexual urges? What lines would you cross? Any you wouldn’t?

Tony Walsh is loving life. Married to the woman of his dreams, living in the most awesome apartment in Manchester, and thriving in a job he loves with great friends, life couldn’t get much sweeter. And with his seventh wedding anniversary coming up, he has spent months planning the most romantic night to celebrate the milestone in style. He even has the ‘let’s start a family’ talk planned. Nothing could make his life more perfect.

But Margaret, the love of Tony’s life, isn’t on the same page as Tony. Or even in the same library. Even dining at the perfect restaurant and being surrounded by a room full of loving couples, doesn’t get Margaret feeling romantic. She seems more interested in chatter on her phone and other patrons than she is in Tony. And when a message from her new work friends invites them to a local club, she begs Tony to go.

Since recently moving jobs, Margaret has changed her hair, her clothing and spent lots more time with her new work colleagues. And when Tony meets her friends at the Vanilla lesbian bar, Tony quickly discovers the reason behind the changes in Margaret. Sarah, a drop-dead gorgeous nineteen-year-old bisexual girl with a passion for married women and swinger clubs, has more than just a little crush on Tony’s wife. And that feeling appears to be reciprocated.

If you like coming-of-age romance stories where the characters are trying to reignite that spark like ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, then you’ll love ‘DEEP INSIDE’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

How far will Tony go to compete for Margaret’s affection and save his marriage? And could those changes alter Tony’s view on sex and marriage, forever?


A Fair Share

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever found yourself drawn to someone by a power so strong that nothing can stand in the way?

Samuel Robinson has just started his first job. But this is no ordinary job. Sam can’t believe his luck when he secures his dream job, working as an engineer aboard the super trawler M.V. Orca. Not merely a ship, the M.V. Orca is a fish processing factory on the water. They have even featured it on the Ultimate Factories television show. And Sam is excited to be joining his mentor Vic, and the small team responsible for keeping the ship running, and protecting the multi-million dollar catch.

Sam is even happy to be heading into the Arctic Ocean for two months with a crew of fifty men. He always found the girls at university distracted him from his work, and now he needs absolute focus. Sam’s girlfriend of three years also ended their three-year relationship, claiming his taking the job proved he was not serious about their future together. Something Sam never saw coming. The breakup left him licking his wounds and needing time and space to regain his confidence.

As Sam boards the ship for the first time, he is introduced to Captain Rodriguez, a seasoned seafarer. Physically intimidating and demanding authority, the Captain informs Sam of his golden rule, “do as I say.” All seems simple enough until Sam meets Valentina, the Captain’s niece, and must decide between doing the right thing and following the Captain’s orders.

If you like fun and flirty romances with a touch of action like ‘Groundhog Day’, then you’ll love ‘A FAIR SHARE’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Sam disobey the Captain’s rules to find true love, or will he put love on the back burner forever?


We Met By Accident

A Transgender Romance Novel

Do you believe that a single decision can change the direction of your life?

Dane Henson is not a risk taker. Born and bred in middle America, the most courageous thing Dane ever did was move two hours north to Minneapolis to join a graduate program straight out of college. Young, handsome and the sort of guy everybody gets along with, Dane’s exterior hides a shyness and conservative nature that keeps him well and truly out of love’s way.

After starting work as a salesman for a clothing wholesaler, his days and weeks are spent on the road hustling fashion accessories to make a sale. And six months into his new career, Dane has learned to use his youthful exuberance and good looks to his advantage. Both his sales results, and his star, are definitely on the rise. But a big part of his success has come from a relationship forged with the flamboyant Stef Moon, buyer for the five hundred store ‘Christopher and Banks’ fashion chain.

Returning from his regular Friday afternoon call on Stef, Dane is excited to ring the sales bell, signalling another extraordinary sales performance. But the gods seem to have other ideas. A one-hour commute quickly becomes a ten-mile carpark with no end in sight. Dane has always relied on his GPS for navigating his new town, but now he must choose whether to take a risk and forge his own path or end up sitting in traffic for hours.

If you like transgender romance stories in the vein of ‘Sliding Doors’ where a single decision can change a life forever, then you’ll love ‘We Met By Accident’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

How will Dane’s decision to follow his instincts lead him to find the love of his love life in the most unexpected place?


Heart Breaker

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever put work before happiness? Pursued something, even though you would lose your one shot at real love?

Clinton Bragg had a brilliant life. At twenty-nine he’s successful, rich, handsome and travels the country by private jet making multimillion-dollar deals. He thinks he’s got it all figured out. Until his best mate, Harry, points out how unbalanced his life is. Money and success are great, but unsatisfying unless you have someone to share them with.

When Harry joins Clint on a trip to scope Gulf Coast waterfront development sites in Biloxi, Mississippi, Clint promises to keep an eye out for more than just the deal. A promise he thinks will be easy to keep, until he meets the stunning auburn-haired beauty, Jo Steele. More than just a beauty, this girl is talented, tough and resilient. Hell, she breaks-in horses for a living.

But as the deal proceeds towards a favourable conclusion for Clint, he realises his actions will displace the girl of his dreams. A girl that has captured his heart like no other. Torn, Clint tries to protect himself from impending heartbreak. But is it too late? Will his actions destroy his one true chance at love?  

If you like transgender romance stories in the mould of ‘Pretty Women’, then you’ll love ‘HEART BREAKER’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Clint’s take no prisoners approach to negotiation lose him a shot at real love, or will he come to his senses? 


Apartment 314

A Transgender Romance Novel

Do you believe in love at first sight or does true love of a soul mate take time to blossom?

Alexander Andersen is young, good looking and a successful sports journalist. He seems to have the world at his feet. But Alexander’s housemate and best friend, Ludwig, seems to one-up Alexander on every front. From jobs to income to girls, Ludwig always seems one step up the ladder from Alexander.

When the apartment down the hall, apartment 314, gets rented, the boys have high expectations. But flight attendant Britt and her social media maven sister, Emma, exceed all expectations. The boys think all their Christmases have come at once. Both girls are new in town, model level attractive, and amazingly, single. The perfect combination.

But alpha Ludwig soon turns the arrival into yet another competition. A two-part bet that will see the winner get his laundry done, and have their rent paid, for a month. The race is on to date one of the sisters. That is until a mystery girl walks from apartment 314 and steals Alexander’s heart. Tall, brunette and with brown eyes, this girl intrigues, and really stands out against the blonde-haired, blue-eyed population of Oslo.

If you like transgender romance stories with an air of mystery and plenty of fun, then you’ll love ‘APARTMENT 314’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Ludwig successfully alpha Alexander away from the gorgeous girls of apartment 314, or will Alexander win the bet, and love of his life, by taking a massive chance on love? 


Russian Bride

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever placed your search for true love in the hands of another, only to find they may have ulterior motives?

Richard Dobson is a thirty-six-year-old straight-laced accountant living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Without ever having a girlfriend, the only female contact he has is with his mother and Amish niece, Britney. His only sexual experience was with a woman at an accounting conference five years ago. But he was too drunk to remember any of it. Still, his mother asks him when he will get married every Friday night at the family dinner.

Frustrated by the continual questions, and concerned that he’s past his prime, Richard enlists the help of eighteen-year-old Britney to put himself out there. She introduces him to Internet dating and sets up a global profile for him. Trouble is, Britney has eyes for Richard, and would rather the Internet dating experiment come up empty, allowing her to fill the role of backup wife.

But Richard unexpectedly finds his perfect match in Dasha, a Russian tractor factory worker from Volgograd. Dasha is everything Richard could ask for in a future bride, and so much more. After a month of Skype calls, Richard invites Dasha to visit him in the USA setting in train a journey of deep discovery for the love-struck Richard and all who come in contact with the delightful Dasha.

If you like transgender romance stories that transcend international borders like “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, then you’ll love ‘RUSSIAN BRIDE’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Richard accept Dasha’s eye-opening differences and embrace her unique package, or will Britney sabotage Richard’s one true chance at love? 


Halloween Surprise

A Transgender Romance Novel

How far would you go to win over the love of your life? How far would be too far?

It’s Halloween Eve, and the Arizona State University Sun Devils play the University of Arizona Wildcats for the State Championships. The Sun Devils win, thanks to the epic heroics of star football player Axel Heinrich. As the reporters ask Axel about the game and his winning impact, his girlfriend, Head Cheerleader Gretchen Werner rushes over to kiss him. About to graduate and go pro, could Axel’s life get any better?

Post-game, Axel heads back to his dorm where his roommate Dallas Stone lies sleeping. Dallas is not sporty. In fact, with his slight build and luscious har, he regularly gets mistaken for a girl. But he has been paired with Axel to ensure he keeps the football star’s GPA high enough to keep playing football. To outsiders, they appear like an odd couple with nothing in common, but there’s much more to their relationship than meets the eye.

As Halloween arrives, Axel is excited about the biggest event on the college calendar. Meanwhile, Dallas, who normally shuns such public events decides to seize the opportunity, to let his hair down, and make a play for the love of his life. But while Halloween is the night for transformations, this Halloween night may change much more than just Dallas’ relationship status.

If you like transgender romance stories where opposites come together like ‘Edward Scissorhands’, then you’ll like ‘HALLOWEEN SURPRISE’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Dallas’ Halloween transformation attract the right sort of attention, or will he lose the love of his life forever?


A Love Inspired

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever been bitten off way more than you could chew? Publicly, and on a grand scale.

Byron Ramsay is a gifted portrait artist who has lost his creative spark. Working on fifteen landscapes for a regional gallery, he paints to pay his bills and takes creative advice from his Manager, rather than his heart. His career has become safe and routine, much like everything in his lacklustre provincial life.

But a chance meeting with his old mentor changes everything. Stuart Pirelli is living Byron’s dream, making it seem achievable. He has a portrait hanging in Buckingham Palace and was a finalist in a prestigious portraiture competition. Sensing Byron is at a crossroad, Stuart challenges Byron to think big and leave his mark on the art world. He even offers support to help him succeed.

Inspired like never before, Byron pushes everything aside to focus on his career defining artwork. A Signature Project for a pre-eminent art competition, the nude portrait confronts Byron in unexpected ways, taking him well outside his comfort zone, and challenging him to his very core. After a series of sittings, Byron struggles with just one final detail in his portrayal of Samantha, the stunning and self assured model with that, not so little, something extra?

If you like transgender romance stories that challenge and inspire like ‘The Danish Girl’, then you’ll love ‘A LOVE INSPIRED’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Can Byron break the shackles of his traditional artistic training, and follow his instincts to capture stunning Samantha’s true spirit, and heart? 


Flipping Out

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever been seduced by a more experienced lover? What boundaries would you cross and which ones would you not?Josh Carter is loving life. A recently qualified carpenter, he lives by the beach in Miami, Florida where he works hard and plays just as hard. But at only nineteen, Josh lacks experience in the love stakes and is looking to fast-track the experience curve.

Josh and his best mate, Buddy, can’t believe their luck when they get hand-picked to join the elite Home Flip team and work on the boss’s pet project. The Key Biscayne mansion flip is everything the boys could want. It’s a great home, in a first-class area and the project sees them teamed with the best tradespeople in Miami. But best of all, Key Biscayne is MILF central.

As the boys start the six-week flip, each quickly finds their MILF target. For Buddy, it’s the boss’s wife, while for Josh, it’s Kamilla, the number one Interior Designer in Miami. But the boys soon learn they aren’t in control. Unlike the girls they date, the MILFs are confident, demanding, and always in control.

If you like transgender romance stories that pack a lesson or two, like ‘The Graduate’, then you’ll love ‘FLIPPING OUT’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Josh’s pursuit of Kamilla provide the learning experience that he yearns for, or will he be faced with a whole other set of eye-opening opportunities? 


The Road Trip

A Transgender Romance Novel

What happens when a jock, a theatre kid, a hippy and a biker set out on a Road Trip across the USA?

Vince Ford has it all under control. Starting for Duke University’s NCAA championship basketball team, he’s an odds-on number one draft pick for the NBA. But success has not come without sacrifice. Especially for Vince who insists on graduating with an Engineering degree before he joins the NBA. This leaves little time for enjoying his success, fun and definitely no time for relationships.

With only a year until he graduates and hits the NBA, Vince jumps at his last opportunity for a hometown visit and some of Mum’s home cooking. Setting off from North Carolina, Vince heads off on a Road Trip to Seattle, via Chicago, the likely future home of his basketball playing life.

Rather than travel alone, Vince advertises for a companion and gets more than he bargains for in Blair, a stunning theatre major. Blair is a wild child who somehow convinces Vince to pick up hippy girl Freedom, in an attempt to shake off Blair’s ex-boyfriend, the biker Snake, who is following them across the country.

If you like transgender romance stories that embrace diversity like ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, then you’ll love ‘THE ROAD TRIP’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Can Vince survive Blair’s wild ways long enough to get to Seattle or will the Road Trip cause these two strong and determined, yet vastly different personalities, to meet somewhere in-between?


The Pen Pal

A Transgender Romance Novel

Would you recognise your childhood best friend four years on? How much can people really change?

Timothy Ross is about to start a full ride at Oklahoma State University. A gifted athlete and Quarterback for the state champion Dallas Devils, Timothy has earned a full scholarship through hard work and dedication. And that means avoiding parties and girlfriends in the most part.

With three months to have some fun before entering the strict college football program, Timothy wants to see the world, well most of Western Europe at least. Enlisting the support of his Defensive Tackle best friend, Anton, the boys head to The Netherlands to meet up with ex-teammate, neighbour and Pen Pal, Jaden. Reunited after four years, The Three Amigos commence the road trip of a lifetime.

But Jaden is no longer the young boy he once was. Jade, as he is now known professionally, has changed quite a bit since leaving the US. His hair is longer, his body is leaner, and his focus has switched from football to dance and fashion. All of which is news to his Pen Pal, Timothy.

If you like transgender romance stories in the mold of ‘Clueless’, with a touch of transformation and romance, then you’ll love ‘THE PEN PAL’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Timothy find common ground with a new and improved Jade, or will the transformation be too great, dividing The Three Amigos forever?


Hiding Out

A Transgender Romance Novel

Ever had the impulse to help out a stranger for no real reason? No, really put your life on the line for someone.

Joe Murphy was a broken shell of a man. A month after his fiancé ran off with another woman, Joe struggled to get out of bed in the morning. His picture-perfect existence with his dream girl was shattered.

So, Joe’s sister, Aileen, suggested a day trip to the Blarney Stone, in search of a change of fortune. Aileen herself was recovering from a less than ideal relationship. But while lunching on fish and chips, Jamie approached the siblings, asking for a lift to Dublin.

Jamie was a slight boy, with luscious long hair and stunning elfin features. Somehow, Joe felt compelled to help Jamie out. Something he never did. But he never imagined this simple act would both endanger his life and uncover his one true love. A love burning with passion so strong that it only existed in his dreams.

If you like transgender romance stories in the mould of ‘Married to the Mob’, then you’ll love ‘Hiding Out’! The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Can the Irish Mob, a jealous ex-fiancé, a snoopy neighbour or the Irish Guards quell the passion between Joe and his one true love?


Summer Lovers

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever been stuck in the friendship zone for just a little too long? How do you move to be more than just friends?

Sam Dean is a gifted musician who has just finished the third year of his engineering degree. Unlike his rich kid friends, Sam works several jobs to afford his college education, let alone save for a holiday. This allows little time for romance, and leaves him lacking confidence, although he has no shortage of suitors.

With his best friends, the recently engaged Carl and Winnie, and trust fund girl Jessica, Sam plans for a Summer in Greece. Trouble is Jessica sees it as a romantic couples’ trip, while Sam has no romantic interest in Jessica, whatsoever. He wants a ‘Summer Lovers’ Fling with a gorgeous European girl.

Landing in Athens, Sam spots Swedish songbird, Hannah, and becomes more than a little smitten. Sam goes out of his way to attend Hannah’s shows almost nightly, impressing Hannah while annoying Jessica no end. He even joins her show, singing love song duets with her. But Sam lacks the confidence to take the big next step and ask Hannah out.

If you like transgender romance stories in the mould of ‘Music & Lyrics’, stories that make your heart go ‘Pop’, then you’ll love ‘Summer Lovers’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Sam be able to deflect Jessica’s advances and work up the courage to ask Hannah out, or will his ‘Summer Lovers’ Fling become yet another unfulfilled dream?


Typhoon Tina

A Transgender Romance Novel

What do you get when you drop two surf loving Hollywood actors into a room full of pageant queens in the middle of a tropical storm?

Alex Liddle has spent the past four years establishing a Hollywood acting career. Trouble is he only seems to get a call up when a 6ft 4in blonde Viking is needed. With a dozen television commercials under his belt, he is still waiting for his break-out role. So, he has plenty of time to surf each morning with his best mate, John.

The boys want a change of scenery, so decide to holiday in Mexico. Staying at Paco’s on the beach, Alex and John sign up for two weeks of surfing, and hopefully, womanising. But their fun is short-lived when a Typhoon bears down on the idyllic coastal town of Colima. And that forces Alex and John to share an evacuation centre with fifty beauty queens in town for the Miss International Queen pageant.

From the moment Alex sees Miss Mexico, Valentina Cortez, he is love-struck and goes all out to attract her attention. Over a series of events, Alex and Valentina become closer than Alex ever thought possible. That is until the richest man in town, and pageant owner tries to protect his investment by driving a wedge between the attractive youngsters.

If you like transgender romance stories in the style of Miss Congeniality, then you’ll love ‘Typhoon Tina’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Alex’s leading man instincts impress Valentina enough to take a chance on romance, or will Typhoon Tina pour too much rain on his parade? 


Double Trouble

A Transgender Romance Novel

What would you do if you discovered your partner had a secret double-life? What secrets would you be okay with? Which ones would be show stoppers?

Joe Angel is a young guy with everything going for him. A qualified tradesman, he works with a great bunch of mates, lives in a fancy part of Boston, and has a super hot girlfriend, Helen. What more could a young bloke want?

But his love life is pretty much on hold. While he works days, she works nights, and they rarely get alone time together. And when they do, Helen keeps getting called into work in the middle of the night. And she’s a corporate cleaner. What’s with that? His friends lay bets that she’s leading a secret double-life.

When Joe visits his first strip club, ‘The Foxy Lady’, on a mate’s Bucks Night, his life spirals out of control. He spots Helen riding a pole in the centre of the club, and all of his mates immediately recognise her, too. Or at least he thinks it’s Helen. If not, it must be her doppelgänger. So, he hatches a plan to confront Helen, all while the intoxicated Buck shoves fifty dollar notes into her bra.

If you like transgender romance stories in the mold of ‘Pretty Woman’, then you’ll love ‘Double Trouble’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Joe successfully keep his cool and get to the bottom of Helen’s secret double-life, or will he lose control and the love of his life, forever?


Hypnotic Love

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever been tempted to put on a public show of affection? How far would you go to display your love? Would it change things if you were at the Office Christmas Party?

Christian Porter is a young man on the way up. Top of his graduate program at a Big Five firm, this Financial Whizz is kicking goal after goal. With a great apartment, good friends, and a successful career, Christian’s star is definitely on the rise. That is until he attends the Office Christmas Party.

Christian’s workmates are more than just a little jealous of his success. So, they decide to pull him down a few pegs by volunteering him to participate in the night’s entertainment. As a victim of the hypnotist, The Great Mephisto, Christian develops more than a few unfamiliar desires. And some of them appear to last well after the act is over.

But Christian also meets the girl of his dreams at the Office Christmas Party. He even professes his love for her by singing, dancing, and performing for her on stage, in front of his whole firm. Violet Adams is the hottest DJ in town and over a series of meetups, grabs more than just Christian’s attention. Until Christian’s workmates get inside his head. Is it true love, or is just it a hangover from the hypnosis?

If you like transgender romance stories with the glamour of ‘Priscilla - Queen of the Desert’ and the heart of ’The Crying Game’, then you’ll love ‘Hypnotic Love’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Christian overcome his romantic insecurities before he loses the love of his life, or will his workmates sabotage his one chance for true love?


Contestant #2

A Transgender Romance Novel

How many white lies would you tell to meet the love of your life? What lines wouldn’t you cross?

Steve Mann is a handsome and successful young Lawyer with the world at his feet. Living in the hip Marina District of San Francisco, Steve seems to have it all. Except for the one thing that continues to elude him, true love. And when his latest model girlfriend, Heather, gives him the commitment ultimatum, he suddenly becomes single again.

But when Steve turns to his twin sister, Tracey, for sympathy and advice, he ends up with plenty of advice but no sympathy. Tracey is sick of seeing Steve date bimbos. She has found true love and sets about finding the same for her little brother. So, Tracey convinces Steve to ‘broaden the net’, and appear on a television show, in search of his ‘Love Match’.

Tracey takes it on herself to spice up Steve’s application. Trouble is a few white lies here and there place Steve in an alpha-dog death match. While the winner secures a date with stunning singer-songwriter Nikki, the loser walks away with nothing. But Steve will need to alpha-up to impress Nikki and leave the competition in his wake.

If you like transgender romance stories with a touch of ’The Bachelor’ meets ‘Love Connection’, then you’ll love ‘Contestant #2’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Steve successfully defeat the alpha-dogs in a death match, or will his Love Match, Nikki, end up in the arms of someone else? 


The Hot Nanny

A Transgender Romance Novel

How would you handle being the most hated person in the country? Would you tackle it head on or would you run away and hide?

Chrissy McLean and Eve Bardot have been friends forever. Wherever one goes, the other is bound to follow. They are virtually joined at the hip. So, when Chrissy and Eve graduate with nursing degrees, the lifelong dream of working in London becomes a reality. Well, for Eve at least. It seems Chrissy can’t even get an interview as a Nanny, that is until Eve gives her a ‘Hot Nanny’ makeover.

While Eve secures a role as Nanny for the studious children of two professors, a made-over Chrissy gets a role as Nanny for the children of recently widowed Football Star, Richard Waldorf. Sparks fly from the moment Chrissy and Richard lay eyes on each other. As a former captain of the England Football Team, Richard is a British treasure and loved by all. A Top Ten Most Eligible bachelor, the hot and heavily tattooed Richard leads a Celebrity life. Appearances at A-List gigs are just part of his regular weekly schedule. And pretty soon, Chrissy gets to accompany him.

But when Chrissy and Eve let their hair down on a girls’ night out in London, Chrissy is suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Accused by Britain’s gutter press of cheating and breaking Richard’s heart, Chrissy is dubbed the ‘Naughty Nanny’, but not in a positive way. And Chrissy soon discovers that being the most hated person in Britain, is definitely not fun.

If you like transgender romance stories with equal measures of drama, laughter and heart, then you’ll love ’The Hot Nanny’. The latest novel from Indie Author Yumi Cox.

Will Chrissy recover from her Naughty Night Out to rekindle her budding relationship with Richard, or will the paparazzi cost her the dream job and potential love of her life?


Lessons in Love

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever jumped at an opportunity, only to find out you’ve bitten off way more than you could chew?

Alan Sanderson is a man at a crossroads. Regarded as the ‘Hot Professor’ at Royal Holloway University on London’s outskirts, he seemed on track for success. But his future implodes when he is overlooked for a big promotion. Worse still, Julia, his girlfriend of five years and ex-student, gets the promotion and becomes his boss.

Alan doesn’t like playing second fiddle to Julia, so breaks off the relationship. He ends up with no career and without the love of his life. While imagining a new future, Alan gets an offer to write a screenplay for a hot new movie. It’s an exciting high-profile project that could reset his career. But screenwriting is new for Alan, and the subject area is more than a little foreign. In fact, Alan is clueless about the subject area.

So, Alan enlists the help of his star pupil Emma, and her gorgeous friend Jazz, to educate him. Through a series of adventures, Alan discovers more than he ever dreamed, or believed possible. This eye-opening experience will change Alan’s view of the world, and especially his romantic outlook, forever.

If you like transgender romance stories with heart and soul in the vein of Legally Blonde, then you’ll love ‘Lessons in Love’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Alan successfully deliver the hit screenplay? And just how much will the teacher allow himself to be taught along the way?


The Plus One

A Transgender Romance Novel

What would you do if your ex invited you to their wedding? Would you go? How could you show you were over them?

Martin Smith has achieved every one of his goals in life. A high school football star, he attended Columbia University on a full scholarship. Dating the head cheerleader, he graduated top of his class in law. Martin seemed destined to realise his dream life, and marry his soul mate, once he became a partner at his New York law firm.

But things suddenly went south when his girlfriend of five years, Sheena, split up with him. Her family insisted she marry a good Chinese boy and even found the perfect husband. While never feeling accepted by Sheena’s family, Martin always thought love would conquer all. He never even considered he would lose the love of his life, and still pines for her eighteen months later.

When Martin gets invited to Sheena & Rob Lo’s wedding in The Hamptons, the pressure is on to find a plus-one. He hasn’t dated since splitting with Sheena but wants to show he is happy for them and has moved on. With the aid of his sister, Martin contacts hometown neighbour, Ashleigh, who agrees to be his plus-one. But Ashleigh may be more than just a plus-one. Could she be ‘the one’?

If you like transgender romance stories in the vein of Wedding Crashers, then you’ll love ‘The Plus One’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Martin’s plus-one, Ashleigh, make him forget Sheena and realise what’s been missing from his past relationships? 


The New Intern

A Transgender Romance Novel

Would you take a chance on romance with someone you manage, or would you let workplace policy get in the way of real love?

Hugh Roberts is young, attractive and his star is on the rise. At twenty-four he runs the design office of an up and coming London advertising agency. He knows teamwork is the key to success in his fast-paced pressure-cooker world. And his new apartment in London’s upmarket Kensington, depends on Hugh making every post a winner.

But Hugh’s team harmony is challenged like never before when two new recruits get placed into his team. Graduate Thad Russell is an ambitious ex-Football star from the New York office. He is also the Founder’s nephew. Intern Noelle Stuart is a sun-bronzed creative whiz from Australia with all the skills. She is also breathtakingly beautiful.

Things go ‘right off the rails’ when Thad’s sexual advances towards Noelle are unwelcome, causing team dynamics to explode and threaten the biggest project of Hugh’s career. But in managing the fallout, Hugh’s blossoming feelings for Noelle become obvious to all, including her, and so does her mutual attraction.

If you like transgender romance stories with an equal dose of conflict and romance, then you’ll love ‘The New Intern’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Hugh take his one chance for real love, or will Thad and that ‘you’re her boss thing’ ensure it never happens?


Best On Board

A Transgender Romance Novel

How far would you go to land the job of your dreams? What lines wouldn’t you cross?

Stuart Lee is smart, articulate, and driven to succeed. Without an expensive education, he is heading towards his dream job based on sheer hard work and clever positioning. And that means nothing, not even his girlfriend of five years, will get in his way.

After his technical skills impress Dawson Jones, head of the London Office, Stuart leaves Australia for England on a six-month loan. He will apply his unique and valuable financial skills on cutting-edge client problems. But Stuart wants the move to be permanent. And he lets Dawson know he is willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to make that happen.

So, Dawson sets Stuart a series of challenges for the plane trip to London. If Stuart can complete the challenges in time, he proves his value and gets the job. But the challenges focus on wooing stunning dancer Anna Wells, who Dawson nicknames BoB, or ‘Best on Board’. Anna is relocating to Paris to join the world’s leading Burlesque show and Dawson clearly believes she is out of Stuart’s league.

If you like your transgender romance stories where the nerd tries to get the girl, then you’ll love ‘Best On Board’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Stuart successfully complete the challenges and win the job, or will Dawson’s bet stop Stuart from impressing the girl of his dreams? 


#1 With A Bullet

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever watched the mix of success and self-destructive tendencies ruin the life of someone you care about?

Lucious Lawson has a troubled past but is a gifted musician and songwriter. He and childhood friend Marty Wade have a bag full of awesome songs and a talented set of bandmates. Winning battle of the bands leads to a breakout opportunity, playing support to music legends Mad Day. But Lucious must lift his style if he is to become a true frontman and Rockstar. This includes embracing his small, feminine stature.

Together Lucious and the band quickly develop a cult following, attracting plenty of male and female fans. They also attract the eye of ruthless record company executives. After three hit singles, the band’s star is firmly on the rise and they appear on the fast track to the top. Until Lucious’ love life and corrosive relationship with Mad Day’s lead singer, BJ, threatens success for everyone.

While Marty is scared for the future of his best friend and bandmate, he knows Lucious must forge his own path in life and love. And he can only offer support. So, Marty watches as Lucious’ life spins out of control and, likely, destines the band to the ‘Where are they now?’ pile.

If you like transgender romance stories with an equal dose of sweet melody and style, then you’ll love ‘#1 With A Bullet’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Marty save Lucious, or will his life spiral completely out of control, taking the band with him?


Love Interest

A Transgender Romance Novel

What would happen if a television show put the storyline in the hands of the fans? How far would producers go to reflect fan feedback?

Jake Clark has just landed his dream job. Following in the footsteps of his famous uncle, Jake successfully pitches his TV show, ‘Love Interest’, to the network Executives. At thirty years old, he writes and stars in a prime-time network TV series, while his uncle directs.

An experienced actor, Jake is a novice writer with an innovative idea. Jake has committed to reflect fan feedback into the storyline in a ‘choose your own adventure’ way. His script starts with a love quadrangle between his four lead actors, Jake, his pageant queen girlfriend Britney, his best friend Andre, and a stunning trans woman he meets on a bucks-night, Eve.

But once the show starts and the fan feedback comes in, the story heads in an unpredicted and unfamiliar direction. One that both challenges Jake and fails to impress Britney. Determined to be true to his vision, Jake passionately writes the story to reflect fan feedback. But his ignorance puts the show at risk, until Eve leads him on a journey of self-discovery.

If you love television shows like ’30 Rock’, then you’ll love the transgender romance story ‘Love Interest’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Jake be able to stay true to fan sentiment or will his limitations and actor dissension put success of the show at risk? 


The Room Mate

A Transgender Romance Novel

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself sharing a dorm room with a beautiful and sexy roommate? Would you alert student housing to their obvious mistake?

Jay Walker is a shy midwestern boy who has never kissed a girl. Let alone even contemplating something more. Heck, the only girl he even talks to that is younger than his mother, is his marketing lecturer, Professor Bunton. He studies IT at Southwestern University in Texas while running a high-end website development business on the side.

When Jay gets a letter from student housing advising him of a new roommate, he can’t believe his luck. Skye Lopez is Jay’s dream girl and much, much more. A Music and Theatre major, Skye is a beautiful and sexy Latino DJ with a star that is definitely on the rise. Jay cannot believe his luck.

But as Jay struggles with the excitement of having a hot new roommate, Skye leads him on a journey of self-discovery. Unsatisfied with just building a friendship, Jay seeks wise counsel to help him move from the friendship zone into the erogenous zone.

If you like coming of age stories with a transgender romance twist, then you’ll love ‘The Room Mate’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will shy super-nerd Jay successfully move beyond the friendship zone, or will all his effort leave him on the outer? 



A Transgender Romance Novel

Fame, fortune & endless partying. Have you ever wondered what the life of a transgender supermodel is really like?

Ali Loudon has the world at her feet. Smart, sexy and driven, she models for the finest fashion brands in the world. Her life in New York, Milan and Paris has all of the glitz and glamour she had dreamed of as a kid. But she lacks one thing. Someone really special to share it with.

Ali finally realises she has made it when she gets an invite to the event of the century, the opening of the six-star Trumpf Towers in New York. Hosted by billionaire Ronald Trumpf, this is the event any celebrity would kill to get invited to.

But Ali struggles to find her ‘plus-one’. Especially when no-one seems to measure up to her ‘plus-one’ benchmark Brad Fletcher. He is everything she looks for in a guy. He’s tall, dark, handsome and athletic, yet possesses a gentle soul. Only trouble is, Brad is straight and has girls throwing themselves at him every day of the week. So Ali goes on a journey to find a plus-one’ that measures up to her lofty standards.

If you like transgender romance stories in the mold of ‘When Harry Met Sally’, then you’ll love ‘Androgynous’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will supermodel Ali successfully find her ideal ‘plus-one’, or will she need to attend the event of the century 'stag'? 


Mile High Club - Bangkok (BKK)

A Transgender Romance Novel

Have you ever wondered what the crew of a Private Jet gets up to during a week-long layover in Bangkok?

Ken Turner has just landed his dream job. Straight out of the air force, Ken is a handsome 25yo African American who has never left the US. He has been recruited as Co-Pilot, flying a Private Jet for a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Now the learning curve really begins.

Ken’s first trip is to Thailand, where the crew is based in Bangkok for a week. That gives him ample downtime to have some fun in the nightlife capital of the world. A lamb in a cage of wolves, Ken is naive and doesn’t even know what a ladyboy is.

Viking-esque pilot (Bo) views his job as not just to fly the plane, but to help his young offsider to truly experience each destination. And he enlists Miss Patsy and the Alcazar Cabaret girls to handle Ken’s education, first hand. But gorgeous VIP Flight Attendant (Kimberley) has vowed to keep Ken out of trouble.

If you like transgender romance stories with an equal dose of action and heart, then you’ll love ‘Mile High Club - Bangkok (BKK). The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Kimberley successfully steer Ken away from the forbidden fruit, or will Bo provide Ken with an eye-opening, and perhaps life-changing, experience?


The Exchange

A Transgender Romance Novel

Being set up on a blind date 10,000 km from home. What could go wrong?

Life in Tokyo is a culture shock for anyone used to the sunny and spacious Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Especially around Harajuku on a weekend when the cosplayers come out.

Ryan Strahan is loving life. Young, athletic, and deadly handsome, he comes from wealthy stock. He dates models, drives a killer car, and lives in a mansion with a pool and tennis court. But Ryan’s relationships have never stuck.

Recently, Ryan has accepted a university exchange program to Japan. And it seems the local girls are lining up to greet him. His stunning classmate Yuki even calls dibs on him. But Ryan is searching for perfection and thinks he’s found it in May Long.

May is a fashion student ‘friend of a friend’ on exchange from his home town. But she comes from the other side of the tracks and runs with the alternate Harajuku crowd. Still she attracts Ryan’s attention in the karaoke bars of Tokyo.

If you like Romeo and Juliet, then you’ll love the transgender romance story ‘The Exchange’ by indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Ryan find enough common ground to woo May, and develop a meaningful relationship in this very foreign land?


Neighbourly Love

A Transgender Romance Novel

Ever seen a beautiful neighbour, one that truly takes your breath away, and wondered how to approach them without seeming like a stalker?

Life in LA can be pretty seductive. Especially when you are lucky enough to live by the Venice Beach waterfront. With models, actors and athletes at your doorstep, it’s hard not to get eye strain.

Bradley Jones is young, successful and rich. From his waterfront apartment overlooking Venice Beach, this twenty-two-year-old appears to have it all. But Bradley knows LA is a city that will take advantage of you if you aren’t careful. So, he’s put his love life on-hold until someone exceptional comes along.

Recently, hot-blooded Latino Cristina has moved into Bradley’s apartment building. She is tall, lean, and has a dancer’s flexibility and tone. Cristina mesmerizes him as she roller-skates along the boardwalk in her silky shorts with her headphones blaring.

But he can’t get a chance to speak to her. That is until she needs a partner for a sexually charged Argentine tango. This seductive love story moves gracefully from the Burlesque shows of Hollywood to the Tango clubs of LA.

If you like Dirty Dancing, then you’ll love the transgender romance story ‘Neighbourly Love’ by indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Bradley’s dancing impress this Latino goddess enough for her to fall in love with him? 


The Apprentice

A Transgender Romance Novel

What would you do if you got offered a job that paid ten times your current salary? Are there lines you wouldn’t cross?

Shane Gold has just secured his first job, as Apprentice Electrician for Sparks Electrical. Short, skinny and naive, he wonders how he secured the job ahead of more physically capable candidates. But while Shane loves his job and working for his hot young boss Brian, his $150 per week salary is going to be challenging to live on.

Shane’s first job is a full re-wiring of Bella’s Bordello, a brothel owned by Madam X and renowned for its Virgin Conversion Therapy. He can’t believe he gets paid to spend two weeks at a brothel, learning the ropes, getting coffees and hanging out with the sexy staff.

And his favourite staff member is Natasha, the most popular gurl at Bella’s. She has everything he wants in a girl and then some. Things heat up when Shane discovers how Madam X keeps her costs under control. How will Shane spend his four hours VIP credit and will he finally pop his cherry?

If you like transgender romance stories where the hero and heroine come together, then you’ll love ‘The Apprentice’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

How will Shane spend his VIP credits and why will it change his life, and relationships with Natasha and Brian, forever?


The Layover

A Transgender Romance Novel

How far would you go to help a new team member feel safe and secure in a foreign town?

Dave Thomas has just received a big promotion that was ten years in the making. As National Sales Manager for Digital Corp, he was now on the fast track to follow in the footsteps of his mentor, and become CEO.

Dave’s first action is to find his replacement, but Victoria Bernoff gets placed into his sales team by the CEO and HR. Still, he needs to show he can make it work. Victoria is young, attractive and has a bright and bubbly personality. She has all the assets needed to succeed in the role. But she also has a secret.

When a ferocious storm diverts Dave and Victoria to Greensville for a few days, he is challenged like never before to control a force of nature. Will agreeing to adjoining rooms come back to bite Dave? Will he be able to control Typhoon Victoria before things get out of hand?

If you like Four Weddings & A Funeral, then you’ll love the transgender romance story ‘The Layover’ by indie author Yumi Cox.

Will this unexpected layover change Dave’s outlook on career, love and life forever?


Outback Jules

A Transgender Romance Novel

What would you do if you moved to the other side of the globe and could re-invent yourself? How far would you go? What would you change? What would you do?

Jules Maine is on gap year traveling the Outback of Australia and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her. Since she was a youngster in The Netherlands, this Aussie adventure had always been her dream. With no-one who knows her and a whole country to experience, her life is a blank page ready to be written.

Jules is tall, leggy and a champion gymnast, all of which makes her popular with the Aussie blokes she meets. She also enjoys dressing up to get a little attention and rarely has to pay for her drinks. But she still needs to work to pay for her travels. So she likes to keep her work and play separate.

But when Jules starts working at the Hall Farm in St George, her world is turned upside down when she attracts the attention of the one guy she just can’t afford to get romantic with. Aaron Hall is tall, blonde and handsome and Jules can’t help but find him super attractive. Unfortunately, he feels more than the same.

If you like your transgender romance novels in the vein of ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’, then you’ll love ‘Outback Jules’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

How can Jules avoid her kryptonite in a small country town with just two pubs and a caravan park?


Cruisin' for Love

A Transgender Romance Novel

Being gifted an all-expenses paid cruise of the Mediterranean with two of the best wingmen in the world. What more could a young single man want?

Brad Hewson is at a crossroads. Having just finished university, he is about to embark on his chosen career. This means he must head for the big city in search of success and fortune. But first, this shy midwestern boy wants to tick one thing off his list. Find love and become a real man.

As the only member of his strict Baptist family to earn a university degree, his parents are so proud that they buy him the gift of a lifetime. A ticket on the fun ship. Between graduation and commencing work, Brad boards the Sun Princess for a four-week cruise from Barcelona to Istanbul. But how will a mid-western boy handle the pace of the most happening party boat on the Mediterranean?

From the moment Brad see’s Kristin Stash, an up and coming fashion model and ‘It Girl’, he knows love isn’t far away. And with nightclubs, fashion shows and experienced wingmen, Brad knows he has everything he needs to woo the girl of his dreams.

If you like your transgender romance novels in the vein of ‘The Love Boat’, then you’ll love ‘Cruisin’ for Love’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Brad find someone who finally pops his cherry, or will he leave the boat as clueless as he boarded?


Private Dancer

A Transgender Romance Novel

How far would you move outside your comfort zone to impress your secret crush? What line wouldn’t you cross?

Andrew Dawson has the world at his feet. He is young, extremely good looking, wealthy and, as an elite athlete, constantly in the media spotlight. His life seems to be blessed and have it all!

But with the rewards comes the costs. The training, the travel, the game day socialisation bans. While it may seem like an ideal existence to outsiders, it can be very lonely at the top. And finding the one takes time and stability that Andrew’s schedule doesn’t afford.

Recently, Andrew has been spending time with Georgia Bloom. A new addition to the cheerleaders, Georgia has certainly grabbed Andrew’s attention. An ex ballerina, Georgia is everything he wants, or so he thinks. That is until Andrew accompanies Georgia to ‘The Follies’, where he is offered new experiences and suddenly gets a fresh perspective.

If you like your transgender romance novels in the vein of ‘Dirty Dancing’, then you’ll love ‘Private Dancer’. The latest novel from indie author Yumi Cox.

Will Andrew move to seal the deal with Georgia, or will he find a new direction that excites him even more?


Shelter from the Storm

A Transgender Romance Novel

Ever ducked into a bar to escape a downpour in an unfamiliar part of town?

Dawson Jones is a business rescue expert who works 16-hour days Monday to Friday and 12-hour days on weekends. His jet setting lifestyle affords him tailor-made suits, fine dining and more platinum frequent flyer miles than he could possibly use. But this lifestyle makes dating impossible.

After the management team in the UK office leave to start a rival firm, Dawson is sent to save the office. He must work additional hours while recruiting a new team to rebuild the faith with clients. On his way home one Friday night he ducks into a bar to escape another London downpour where he meets his dream girl.

Michelle Handley is one of London’s top fashion designers. Starting out as a model, Michelle drips elegance and style. From the moment Dawson sees Michelle, he knows his life will never be the same. There's something special about Michelle that makes Dawson want to find time for a relationship.

If you like your stories with equal doses of seduction and heart, then you’ll love the transgender romance novella ‘Shelter from the Storm’ by indie author Yumi Cox.

Will seeking shelter from a London storm change Dawson's view of life and love forever?


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